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I’m Ali. I work with incredibly talented people to build great things.

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Working to build solutions that normal people love to use.

At heart, I'm a builder - little makes me happier than coming up with and forming an answer to a puzzle or problem. Although from my LEGO days to my Mechanical Engineering studies I'd always been building for the physical world, in my university years I discovered the ease of creating virtual products and have found myself stuck there ever since.

My focus is on building 'people friendly' solutions to problems; Creating a solution, I've found, isn't the full story - truly effective solutions need to be ones that can be picked up and used.

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My Background

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

I graduated in 2011 with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick with a scholarship from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

In my later years I specialised in robotics, studying advanced robotics and with my project work focusing on navigation algorithms and developing a robotic arm and sensor head for use in unmanned search and rescue.

Self taught web

I began playing with making websites while at university; Having picked up PHP and the front end languages I began building systems for student societies, slowly turning the work into a full business.

By the time I left university I was working full time on web development projects and web development has been my bread and butter ever since.

Started building things

It's funny now to think there was a point I wasn't involved with startups, but I owe a univesity friend credit for introducing me to the world of startups in the second year of my studies. Being the only guy in the entrepreneur society who could write code was a nice place to be.

Since then I've been part of the startup scene wherever I've gone, helping where I can, particularly in Manchester's thriving scene.

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