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My Background

Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialism in robotics

Received IMechE Scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. During my studies I developed and tested a local route planning algorithm for autonomous tracked vehicles and designed and built a robotic arm and sensor head for a prototype remote rescue robot.

Graduated with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011.

Self-taught coding

I started out making websites between studies while at university. Having picked up PHP and the front end languages I began building systems for student societies, slowly turning the work into a full business.

By the time I left university I was supporting myself with web development projects.

Working with startups & TechBritain

For the first few years outside of university I worked with several small startups, building prototype web apps and front-ends.

In 2012 I joined Tech Britain to lead the build of their new map of the UK tech startup ecoystem. Some of the people I met in the Tech Britain later formed the team that founded Telcom.

Building Telcom

In 2014 I helped Shaun and Thom found Telcom, which started out as a small Manchester-based ISP, and is slowly growing into a UK wide service provider, investing in fibre infrastructure and developing new products and connectivity solutions for the property sector.

Helping to build Telcom into a stable, high performing business is currently my main focus.

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Area of interest

My main area of interest is incorporating autonomous systems into day-to-day human life in a positive and intuitive way.

Leveraging technology gives us the opportunity to make human work and life better. I work to find human needs for autonomous systems and solve how to non-invasively incorporate such systems into the user's work/life. Creating natural and intuitive interaction between human operators and effectively designed, intelligent systems gives us the strengths of both without creating a large burden of technical education on the user.

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